LCA Student Task 2


These publications comprise seven substantial workbooks (one for each task) bound in two volumes, one for each year of LCA. Each task is covered comprehensively (60-80 pages per task) with lots of templates for activities and worked examples.



“The Student Task 1” and “The Student Task 2” have been written to help LCA students with their task work in years 1 and 2 respectively. Each workbook is packed with concrete activities to develop students’ skills in project management, creative and critcal thinking, personal reflection and communication.

The content of the workbooks corresponds to the requirements specified in the NCCA booklet “LCA Programme Statement and Outline of Student Tasks”. The books provide an additional means to improve the quality of the outputs and outcomes from task work as set out by the NCCA. We have also built in the recommendations from recent Examiners’ Reports into our exercises for each of the tasks.

These books fill the current gap in resource provision in this crucial component of the LCA programme.


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