LCA Student Task

These publications comprise seven substantial workbooks (one for each task) bound in two volumes, one for each year of LCA. Each task is covered comprehensively (60-80 pages per task) with lots of templates for activities and worked examples. 

Although written primarily for students, teachers also find the workbooks useful, particularly those who are new to the programme. 

Together, the books are the only comprehensive resource available for the LCA Student Tasks. These seven tasks or projects count for about one third of the Leaving Cert Applied marks.

The Student Task workbooks 

“The Student Task 1” includes a
full workbook for each of:
“The Student Task 2” includes a
full workbook for each of:
Personal Reflection Statement 1Practical Achievement Task
Vocational Preparation TaskVocational Education Task 2
Vocational Education Task 1 Contemporary Issue Task
General Education TaskPersonal Reflection Statement 2

Customer feedback

“As a longstanding teacher newly required to teach LCA, I was looking for any resource which would aid task completion. 

The Student Task Workbook 1 proved to be the essential item. It provided structure and a well sequenced range of activities, that were easy to follow and use as required. 

Rather than having a variety of printed material which would be difficult to source and manage, the workbook was very useful in saving time and keeping students’ work together. The results from the first task justified use of the workbook – they were excellent. 

I would highly recommend this resource to anyone completing an LCA task, particularly if new to the course as I was. I am currently using Workbook 2 for the year ahead.” 

“We introduced these task books a few years ago for a number of reasons:

  • To try and give a formal structure to the tasks
  • To give a focus for the students, where they could see more clearly their actions etc
  • To assist teachers as the lack of student textbooks reulted in several problems, photocopying, resourcing material, dclass discipline etc

Having piloted them the first year, they are now included on the booklist.

At out first meeting of LCA staff  for the year, we identify  an “Anchor” person for each task.  The book is then used in that class where a large volume of the core work is done. Other assisting teachers, example staff using video, staff assisting in IT etc do not always formally use the book, however students  bring the book to class when it is required.

In some areas eg. Personal Reflection, which is anchored by two teachers, the students use the book in both classes, with the relevant staff member just picking up where other teacher ended.  This has not been a problem and just requires a brief conversation at times in the staff room. 
Because these are workbooks, they help the students to organise their work, and eliminate the “lost pages” or “lost copy” syndrome.
We do not however insist that the book is used for all tasks, but find that it is used in 5 or 6 cases.”

“We use them and find them a great asset. The students also like having a book to keep and use in class”. 

“The combination of the workbooks and our in-house experience makes the learning from the task more meaningful and worthwhile for students.”

More information

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To find out more about the workbooks, download a copy of our Explanatory Booklet or read the answers to frequently asked questions below:

What if I have other questions?

Please contact us. We will try to answer your questions and if you like, we can put you in touch with a teacher who has practical experience of using these workbooks with students. 

What are the Student Task Workbooks?

“The Student Task 1” and “The Student Task 2” have been written to help LCA students with their task work in years 1 and 2 respectively. Each workbook is packed with concrete activities to develop students’ skills in project management, creative and critcal thinking, personal reflection and communication.

The content of the workbooks corresponds to the requirements specified in the NCCA booklet “LCA Programme Statement and Outline of Student Tasks”. The books provide an additional means to improve the quality of the outputs and outcomes from task work as set out by the NCCA. We have also built in the recommendations from recent Examiners’ Reports into our exercises for each of the tasks.

These books fill the current gap in resource provision in this crucial component of the LCA programme.

Can teachers pick and choose what activities to do? 

YES, the activities can and should be chosen by teachers “A la carte” style to suit students of all abilities and literacy levels.    The activities can be used on a “stand alone” basis OR linked together to form a single logical approach to the task. This means that appropriate material can be selected for students of different abilities so that every student is challenged at the right level. It has been our goal to include something for everyone in the workbooks. 

What about students with differing levels of literacy

The activities are supplemented by word banks and worked examples to develop vocabulary and comprehension. They are suitable for both individual and cooperative working. 

How does the workbook help with integration?

The students are encouraged to make links between the activities in this workbook and other components of the LCA programme, especially key assignments and work experience. These links are flagged for students as they go along. 

What about meeting NCCA Assesment criteria?

The content of the workbooks corresponds to the requirements specified in the NCCA booklet “LCA Programme Statement and Outline of Student Tasks”. The activities supplied provide an additional means to improve the quality of the outputs and outcomes from task work as set out in the Assessment Criteria for each of the tasks. Recommendations from recent Examiners’ Reports have also been built into the content of the workbooks. Go to top

What are the benefits of using these workbooks?

The LCA student tasks are arguably the most powerful learning opportunities in the Irish secondary school system. Do you want your students to benefit as much as possible from these experiences? If so, invest in our workbooks. They give students: 

  • Concrete activities to work with, generating material for reports
  • A structure for each task with links to key assignments
  • A powerful aid to improve their vocabulary.

Busy coordinators find that the workbooks also provide a:

  • Useful resource for ALL task teachers to dip in and out of
  • Detailed introduction for teachers new to LCA PLUS
  • Backup to use whenever a teacher is out.

Coordinators tell us that using the workbooks makes the task process clearer and easier for teachers and leads to greater engagement on the part of students. The thinking, planning and communication skills learnt by students will stand them in good stead in future life, especially when they enter the workplace